A downloadable game for Windows

You play as a snake thing. Circles dislike you. Shoot and crush them.

This game is a fast paced, arena bullet-hell. It is currently nearing the end of development. This is a demo.

Use the mouse to control and move the player snake thing and dodge attacks. You can defend yourself by crushing enemies with your tail or using the left mouse button to shoot your tail segments at enemies.

Known Flaws:

  • Audio is not properly implemented. Special effects audio is disabled by default.
  • Menus are still under heavy development. Expect them to be changed
  • Several attack types and upgrades are unfinished/not working.
  • The game is currently in need of heavy enemy and player based balancing. Overpowered abilities and attacks, as well as underpowered ones, are subject to change.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Published Nov 08, 2015
StatusIn development
Tags2D, Bullet Hell, Difficult

Install instructions

  • Download Predicate.zip
  • Extract the folder
  • Run Predicate.exe.


Predicate.zip 4 MB


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Its like Snake meets Agar.io. Needs more platypuses tho.

Only showed "level clear" and "Cluster shot" and the level was empty :\

Otherwise, good fps and flow felt good, would be nice to play and see what the real version is like